Over Counter Medication Administration Policy

nurse_pillVolunteer nursing personnel must have your signed consent in order to administer over-the-counter medications. Generic equivalent medications maintained by the health staff may be used in place of more expensive brand name items. The nurse or approved personnel will administer the approved medications as deemed necessary using his/her judgement. Additionally, the nurse will attempt to contact you upon administration of medication to your son/daughter.

Over-the-counter medications will be administered sparingly when indicated to make your child more comfortable and able to remain at the event. For example, the medication may be used for dental pain, mild headaches, or orthopedic pain related to recent injury. You may still need to be contacted for further care of your child. Also, if your child has a fever (100.0 F or higher), our policy requires the child to return home to reduce the risk of exposure of potentially communicable diseases to other children.

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